Saturday, September 12, 2009

Epicenter Dreams: Final Thoughts

Well, since I posted Epicenter Dreams, a Labelscar post mentions Epicenter Collection. It talks about future anchors of malls, and mentions supermarkets in malls possibly becoming the "next big thing" since department stores are becoming antiquated and might disappear soon. I'm not going to explain what pop-up stores are...that's up to you to read...but a few things to note:

- Omaha Steaks DOES have a retail store (in the Streets of Woodfield, adjacent to but not connected to Woodfield Mall). I knew L.L. Bean had a store in Colonie Center in New York as well. So there's a problem in EC right there...why have booths that have already been established as retail locations.

- Why have an entire store with little booths and the "SpreeGo" system? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just lease space directly to pop-up stores and avoid "middleman" fees and the SpreeGo? This would also make it suitable for smaller locations.

- This bare-bones "Epicenter Collection" would also be able to NOT be located in major, trendy cities and instead target smaller markets (Cincinnati, Temple-Killeen, Baton Rouge, etc.)

- The best place for reception in a mall is the kiosks. If Epicenter Collection did open in Christiana Mall, it would be a bit awkward to have the "best stuff" tucked away in an anchor, instead out in the concourse. Instead we give the kiosks to immigrants selling belt buckles, cell phone cases, cheap RC vehicles, and "Dead Sea" salts.

- But will that work? After all, the much-hyped Metreon was something to a similar effect (focusing on tech products) and it was pretty much a failure. Similar to it (though not by much) was Peabody Place Entertainment & Retail Center. It was inspired by more on The Mills.

- Speaking of which, we'll go over a "Mills" mall of sorts next time.

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